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Architecture and Platform Design

FreshBreeze has proven experience based on various Software Industry proven patterns and frameworks in designing application architecture. We have expertise in Proprietary frameworks like Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Stack, Open Source Stack like LAMP, PHP Frameworks like CodeIgniter, Zend Framework.

We offers options for:

1. Architecture Design

Take help of our experience in designing your Software Architecture. Gang of Four (GoF) 21 patterns is what we eat and live when we design Application Architecture. We have proven track of implementation of our Architecture Design knowledge and have even applied the same in our own Flagship Products as well as Client Solutions.

2. Platform Design

FreshBreeze works as a strategic partner in this model. We work closely with our Clients to design Application Architecture as well as provide all guidelines / solutions and interfaces along with Custom Scripts to have eternal Business Continuity. We use multitude of solution to keep eye on the solutions implemented along with all periodic help / guidance statements to make sure that there are no undesired failures.

Hybrid on-premises and Cloud Solutions

FreshBreeze understands that while Cloud Solutions is a new buzzword in the market. It’s possible that under various conditions, not everything can be moved to Cloud. We have experienced team to propose the optimum strategy to deploy Cloud Solutions over Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud deployments. We provide guidance and design solutions for:

1. Hybrid Implementations – On-Premises and Cloud

Based on our veterans’ field experience, we believe that there are some proprietary services and logic that needs to be executed only in the business centers. We also understand and analyze the scenarios where the logic cannot be moved to Cloud as there are multiple use-case scenarios for in-premises use. In such cases, we propose and design solutions in a way that public components of your business – like Web front-end, External Business Connector components are moved to cloud. We provide integration through Cloud Server providing support of Virtual Private Networks and Cloud Queue to ensure that there is no communication failure.

We have experience in using Azure Services, AWS Services and RackSpace Cloud Services to have hybrid Cloud Solutions.

2. Pure Cloud Implementations

Ninjas of FreshBreeze perform complete analysis of existing solutions or new requirements and prepare a detailed SRS (System Requirements Specifications) analysis with Cost Benefit Analysis (A/B/C Analysis) to derive the best pricing model. On daily basis, we experiment with latest technologies and options to make sure that we code less, automate and integrate more so that we have less costing in coding activity that needs maintenance over the period of time against the automation that needs very less maintenance over a longer period. We also plan services and code to take advantage of Message Queuing support such as MSMQ and AMQP to minimize instance costs wherever possible.

Polyglot Solutions between .NET, Xamarin, Android and iPhone

We live on writing Polyglot solutions. With services designed in .NET, consumed in Xamarin, iOS and Android platform, push notifications through SNS / Azure Mobile Services, we know better on what needs to be configured best to have the best implementation.

FreshBreeze has experience in designing server based solutions on Microsoft stack typically utilizing Web Services and WCF Services so that they can be used best across platforms. We have experience in writing large C2C and B2C applications for Android and iPhone Platform. Combining all above, we can help best to have your own Polyglot solutions for cross platform.

Integration with Azure / AWS / RackSpace

We love cloud and that’s where the true power lies in computing. We started initially with Azure, later on added AWS Services to our Skills, worked with Clients utilizing RackSpace Cloud Services and at this stage, we have solutions living in multiple clouds!!

1. Azure

We prefer Azure Services when we do not wish to have lot of custom configurations through code or scripts. Azure Mobile Services and Cloud Services are our utmost forte when we wish to have multiple environments (Staging, Production) deployed with minimal switchover timings. We love Notifications Hubs in our applications to send notifications across devices and Mobile Engagement Services to understand how good we are performing. SQL Azure Databases are used a lot to support our needs for scale-out implementations and we use Event Hubs to understand what’s happening with our applications each moment. We have experience in using Traffic Manager to have load balanced traffic across continents along with usage of CDN Services for faster static assets delivery.

2. AWS

FreshBreeze supports many clients who have applications running on EC2 Instances (both Windows and CentOS) with Database on RDS. We have implemented SNS for Notifications at various levels and are utilizing Cloudfront for CDN Delivery. Glacier is where we store less accessed files of the Client and S3 is where we have our active high used files.

Integration with AutoTask, Connectwise PSAs

We have some penetration in Service Industry PSA (Professional Services Automation) Solutions. We have worked a lot with AutoTask Cloud Based Deployments and ConnectWise on-premises as well as Cloud Deployments to have smart offline clients. We have worked with their Web Services to have integration in traditional Windows Applications that can work offline. FreshBreeze has extended its experience in this forte even in configuring deployments with other tools like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office Outlook, Kaseya, QuickBooks to have best integration in place with minimum manual efforts everywhere.

Webapp Automation Services

We analyze and believe strongly for the cases when automation is required for Web Applications. This may be for the purpose of testing or checking performance or collecting data. This even includes scenarios where automation needs to be done through traditional applications or some scripts are needed to have data obtained via JavaScript to read from the page. Data is obtained from any of the sources and stored in a storage file such as Excel or SQL Server or any other DB.

Server Management and Performance Tracking

Servers are the brain and heart for Enterprises and websites. We create custom configurations and chart out performance needs so that they can be tracked at periodic intervals to have clear insights on the Business Operations. This even includes scenarios to configure logging, Server Security Parameters. FreshBreeze deals in:

  1. Defining Custom Configuration
  2. Configuring and disabling necessary / unnecessary services
  3. Configuring Security and Firewall Parameters
  4. Setting Log Level Strategy as per the business requirements
  5. Creating Shell Scripts for Linux Based Servers to have optimum resources usage
  6. Scheduled Events and scripts to have periodic maintenance tasks

FreshBreeze knows that it takes a lot to track server performance and for the same, we help to select best stack of tools and configure them to match business requirements as well as server platform. We typically propose usage of:

  1. Server based custom scripts to notify Performance hits
  2. Installing and configuring Open Source / Proprietary solutions for monitoring Server Resources Usage
  3. Installation and scripts to monitor performance of web based applications including possibility of detection of errors on client side